Pac div- Pac div
september 15, 2009, 10:46 am
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Soms kom je muziek tegen die een glimlach op je gezicht kan geven en je de hele dag kan grijzen.  Dat moment beleefde ik toen ik Pac Div voor het eerst hoorde! De drie jongemannen lieten mijn oren spits staan als een herdershond die een piep hoort. Dit is voor mij wel echt de definitie van hiphop zoals ik het ken.

kga niet teveel erover lullen maar kijk gewoon zelf!


Patta X New Era
september 8, 2009, 8:12 pm
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O snap i got me something that im liking!! The patta team (sneakerboutique in Amsterdam) did a collabo with new era and flipped two nice caps. One black/green with the Patta logo  in the middle three XXX on the back of the cap. The other one red/white with a “P” on the front of the cap. They will be released on september 19th at the Patta store in Amsterdam.I probally end up buying one of them.




Noir Basic 2010 Spring/Summer Lookbook
september 8, 2009, 7:23 pm
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Noir Basic is a french based clothing company, and i never heared of them before i saw there post on But these guys understand my way of thinking! the whole collection for spring/summer 2010 consist of outer wear, wich means jacket and o boy, i really love jackets! all the materials are premium french material. And u know how the french are, stuck up with there baquet under there arm. But the know fashion , cant front on them. I need to find out how i can get me a jacket like that.

The whole site is in french and my french is terrible, my english is okay but grammar is always an issue. U better pay attention if u wanna get ya style up!


Damn this jacket!!u cant even name this a swagger jacket, this is a whole new ballgame. I call this the big boy style!!



noir-basic-2010-spring-summer-lookbook-5If there is one thing i realy like, then it has to be varsity jackets. And Noir Basic is really pushing it to the next level. U can purchase these jackets through their website.(via hypebeast)

Frontpage first post
september 8, 2009, 7:10 pm
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Hey whatsgood people,

I had this idea that i wanted to make a blog and tell about the things that i like and what i do. My name is Louie, well thats my alias. To make it easy call me louie on twitter i wil be known as Louie_bandito. Im a 25 year male and life in Amsterdam, right now im still at school and working my way around amsterdam.

What i try to do with this site is to give my opinion about what i like, could be music, could be clothing or art or whatever. I have a broad scale of interest. U wil notice with the post that i will be dropping on the frontpage.

Keep on coming back to stay posted on sir flyness your highness! cause u know how we go down in amsterdam!!